2022 Photography Class Dates

Beginner's Photography Class $99


Saturday September 24th from 3-6pm

Join Nicole Blanchard for a hands-on class to learn

and understand your camera's capabilities. Topics discussed:

The exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)


Natural lighting situations

Other camera settings: M/A/S/P, white balance, and more!

Class sizes are limited.

You can reserve your spot by going to the "Schedule Your Session" tab,

or by clicking here.

Call or text Nicole today with any questions.

(423) 883-9754

One-to-One Lessons $75/hour

Individual lessons are available throughout the year

for photography and editing. These lessons are tailored

to your personal needs with a minimum of three hours

scheduled per session. Contact Nicole for more information.

(423) 883-9754