I am excited to announce that 2018 will bring a few changes. When speaking to clients, I have found that often their photos sit in their gallery or device without being printed. They sometimes post the high resolution images on their social media sites, but Facebook is not kind to high res images and compresses them, which makes them look blurry. I want to help you get your images onto your walls or into a beautiful photo book, as the value in hiring a professional photographer fails to exist when your images remain trapped in your device. 

Starting in January, all of your images in your gallery will be web-sized so they will look amazing on your social media sites. After your photo session, my Design Consultant will make an appointment to come to your home or meet you at the studio to view your gallery and help you choose prints, canvases and/or photo books to suit your needs. If you still prefer high resolution images with printing rights, this will be an option, but I am thrilled to offer you this new service.